3D flooring

A new technology for manufacturing of flooring. Incredibly huge selection of colors and materials to create them suggests that this method is a promising device gender and popular lately.


Our 3D floors are a 100% solids, two component custom epoxy flooring system. We are a certified installer and the material we use is comprised of a special formulated epoxy with a pearlescent metallic pigment. This 3D flooring system can be roller or squeegee applied to your basement floor, garage floor, or virtually any concrete floor that has been repaired and / or prepared properly.  These 3D Coatings floor coatings require a primer coat, metallic 100% solids epoxy base-coat, an optional UV resistant urethane or 100% Solids epoxy clearcoat.


The finished look is a smooth, glass-like finish that has a unique and subtle reflective sparkle. Just like acid stained concrete floors. There are endless creative techniques that can be used to create a custom style or effect for your garage, home or business.  It is very difficult to capture the true effect of metallic epoxy floor in a picture, but some of metallic epoxy floor customers compare these flooring systems to moon craters,  lava lamps, lighting strikes, marble counter-tops, custom metallic car paint, etc- and these floors have “depth”  – an almost 3D effect as you can almost look down into the floor. 


Design Effect:  A effect which is the loved by all and has an particular illusion of design as required by the client.


Aquarium Color Effect: Aquarium Effect Floorings are for basically Bathrooms and the area where you feel the water world should be placed at.


Natural Scenes Effect:As per the imagination of a human to have a peaceful atmosphere we create it at your home the same.

We limit the maximum number Design two to three. We have tested more, but any more than three colors becomes too busy and muddy. We recommend only using one or two metallic epoxy floor colors – but a third is available if you would like to try.